BOD Incubator

BOD Incubator

A BOD incubator is an incubator designed to maintain 20 °C necessary to perform a test called Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). It involves incubating samples saturated with oxygen at 20 °C for (usually) five days. Such an incubator has a compressor to depress the temperature below ambient and a heater to bring it back up to 20 °C. These work against each other and produce very precise temperature control, often as close as +/-0.1 °C

Humidity Cabinet

Humidity Chamber

Humidity Cabinet offered by us is a double walled unit with mild steel powder coat painted on outside, and the inner is made of either aluminum or stainless steel. Air circulating fan is presented to maintain both temperature and humidity. The significant feature of this unit is the water flow is automatically controlled by a solenoid valve. Automatically controlled, Maintain both humidity and temperature

Stability Chamber

Whether your testing is for R&D, clinical trials or ongoing stability, our stability chambers provide a stable, temperature/humidity conditioned environment for worry-free operation with a control system that is easy to use and saves you time

Laboratory Seed Germinator

Seed Germinator

Micro controller based Graphic LCD display with advanced features like, audio visual alarm, low water detection, automatic defrost, Data Storage and data logging through USP, Real Time clock, six profile programming for various temp.

Stability Chamber

Inside made of stainless steel sheet. Outside mild steel sheet with finished in white stoving enamel/powder coated paint with mat finished colour combinations

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