Hydroponics : Revolution in Cultivation

Hydroponics is a Greek term, made from two words – Hydro means water and Ponos means labour. And hence “working water” is its raw meaning. To put simply, Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil or very less soil. Hydroponics operates on the premise that as long as you are able to provide with what they need, plants will grow well. In this sense, Hydroponics is invented to rule out the influence of mother nature – It can be placed in a controlled growing environment.

Hydroponics replaces the soil with water and the growing media. The growing media can be Perlite, sand, Rockwool, etc. Their main role is to transfer the nutrients in the water and keep the roots oxygenated. Nutrients are added to the water and are moved to the growing media and through the plant roots usually by a Water Pump. The interval of each action is often set by a timer. There are several Hydroponic Systems, but they all work as per to the above principle.

Hydroponics is usually grown indoors or in a greenhouse. This means growers will take full management of the environment – climate, temperature, lights, ventilation, and so on.


The most prominent benefits of Hydroponics are as below :

  •   Better growth rate.
  •  Hydroponics saves Water
  •  No soils needed as one can grow crops anywhere whether in arable or heavily contaminated places. It saves the lands by growing plants in convenient locations like large-scale indoor greenhouses, or even in your apartment. Also all of the weeds and soil-related pests and disease are eliminated in a Hydroponic system.
  •   Effective use of nutrients

Many large resorts in India and Abroad are using this technique to fulfil their in-house demand of organic nutrient rich vegetables.

We at Lab Solution India have specialized in setting up Mineral Water Plants and providing hardware for Hydroponics of various configurations.

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