UV C Rays : Let Us Make Sterilization Simple

As we all try to deal with the unprecedented impact of COVID19 and its aftermath, there has never been a greater need for techniques, technologies and equipment which can help us protect from the deadly pathogen. As organisations decide to open up, hotels and resorts think of inviting guests with an assurance of safety and hygiene, this is the time to look for ways and means to be adopted in the New Normal Scenario of our day to day lives. The health workers have been coming up and proposing several sanitation practices including certain technologies which can be used effectively for disinfection of day to day items of all sizes while we start our lives after this lockdown.

One of the most promising disinfectants which has been in use for decades, Ultra Violet (UV) light has come to the knowledge of common masses after this outbreak. While UV Light has been used for this purpose for decades, it would be better to learn about it a little more.

Ultraviolet lights have shown great promise in providing effective disinfection of surfaces. However, not all UV lights are effective for sterilization and disinfection purposes. The full range of UV radiation is sourced from the sun and it can be subdivided into UV-A (320 to 400 nm), UV-B (280 to 320 nm) and UV-C rays (200 to 280 nm). For disinfection purposes, the optimum wavelength required is in the region of 260 nm to 275 nm, with germicidal efficacy falling exponentially with longer wavelengths. The reason why UV radiation is effective in disinfection is because it has enough energy to break DNA chemical bonds. UV-C radiation, in the range of 260 nm – 275 nm, destroys the genetic information stored in the DNA and hence renders harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses ineffective. DNA and RNA are the building blocks of life for pathogens such as viruses and bacteria as well and without this genetic material, these pathogens are unable to reproduce which eventually leads to the death of an infectious colony.

Wavelength, power intensity and exposure duration are some of the key factors typically used to determine the effectiveness of UV light against microbes. Keeping the above in mind, Lob Solution India has developed a complete array of UV Products like UV Clear (A Table Top UV Chamber of various sizes), UV Tower (A Device to sanitize large size office spaces), UV Pass Box ( A Device to be used at Employee Customer Interfaces at showrooms, shops, malls, retail stores etc.) and UV Conveyor Devices (The complete range of UV Devices with conveyor belt facility for large scale usage).

Lab Solution India’s UV Equipment use prescribed 254nm wavelength UV Emitters for highest disinfection, remote controlled, timer managed, trolley mounted devices which offer not only ease of operation but also ensure complete safety of the users.

UV-C only penetrates the upper layers of the skin and eye, with the shortest wavelengths hardly penetrating at all to living cells, thus it may cause only a mild, transitory sunburn from accidental over-exposure to skin. You may see application of UV Equipment at large airports, hospitals, pathology labs etc. as this is the emerging technology to ensure safety from deadly pathogens.


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