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Centrifuge (Dr. Model) 8 Tubes | 3500 RPM

These are low priced units meeting the majority of the small capacity centrifuging requirements of medical practitioners, pathological laboratories and hospitals for routine centrifuging tests. The units are fitted with resiliently mounted motor for vibration free performance having built in 5 step speed regulator

Laboratory Centrifuge


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4500 RPM max. speed digital centrifuge with a capacity of 12 tubes is ideal for any scientific application where time, accuracy, and precision are critical. Combining speed and flexibility, a robust design that is extremely reliable, offering multiple safety features such as interlocks, emergency stop button and low voltage power supply. With its digital control, it can handle up to 24 tubes easily and has a large display screen for easy operation with clearly stated functions. It also has an auto start/stop function, and an automatic pause button, which is smart enough to stop after a specific value is reached

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Laboratory Centrifuge (Handi Type) 4 Tubes | 3500 RPM

The machine is permanently attached to a base and a rotating component where the mixture is rotated quickly. The industrial centrifuge machine's great tensile strength, which enables it to rotate with powerful force, is one of its key characteristics. The machine can easily rotate materials with varying densities by using centrifugal force. It assists in the purification of the vaccinations and is able to separate the solid and liquid components